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Please go to the specific product page for any downloads for a specific product.

Regional Classification files

Go here for FREE PROMO media files. This includes a CandyBar Promo and Courtesy in the Cinema Promo.
Go here for FREE Australian classification media files. This includes Exempt, G, M, MA15+, PG, R18+, X18 Classifications. These files can be used to precede a trailer media file.  NOTE: DCI versions now available.


Trailers in DCI are supplied by the distributors regularly starting 2009. For Alternative Content Trailers, it is recommended that cinema owners download trailers from qualified sources such as Apple Trailers. Apple Trailers are in standards based H.264/AAC/MP4 files. These files are supported by CineX products and some modern eCinema products.


A common need for DCI based players is the use of spacers or short BLACK/Silent media to place between trailers and feature.  Follow this link for a full set of these files in 1,2,5,10,15,30 seconds in Flat and Scope.