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  • dcpPlayer, watch DCPs/CPLs on your PC

    Save time and money checking your DCPs on your PC with this tool
    • Software based DCP/CPL player, no special hardware needed.
    • No limit on length of of CPL played.
    • Plays SMPTE and Interop DCPs/CPLs
    • Pay $49.95, register/install and GO.

    Model 1
  • dcpPlayer, access the full features of a DCP

    HFR, 3D, Subtitles, access the full feature set of the DCP with dcpPlayer V3.0
    • Version 3 integrates the latest asdcplib and J2k libraries.
    • 3D support.
    • 48fps and 60fps in 2D and 3D support.
    • Plays SMPTE and Interop DCPs/CPLs.
    • MPEG and H264 encoded DCP support.
    • better then 8bit color support.

    Model 1
  • dCine - eCinema
    digital cinema server

    When you need more then to simply play a DCP, dCine is the answer. DCP or any other common media format including live data sources are supported.

    digitAll has developed a proprietary DRM/Encryption, Watermarking and CineLOCK (secure content path) system used in the distribution of eCinema feature content. Like DCI (Hollywood feature films) distribution, the content is protected at all times..

    Model 3

Welcome to digitAll

digitAll is a worldwide leading provider of best-of-breed technology for the cinema exhibition and automated-show markets. Our products support the most popular industry standards such as MPEG2, H.264/AVC, VC-1, JPEG2000, AAC, HE-AAC, Dolby Digital and DCI's DCP. The digitAll name and its products have become synonymous with quality, innovation, and cost-effectiveness in video & audio playback in the eCinema markets.

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dcpPlayerFreeNo Longer Avail
  • Unlimited duration
  • Interop & SMPTE support
  • Unlimited installs
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  • 3D support
  • HFR at 48 and 60fps
  • MPEG & H264 DCP support
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