Interface explainedThe dCine player platform grew out of our eCinema Player product.  It is a digital media player that supports eCinema presentations be it for pre-show or feature.  It incorporates a slave or master Automation with full web based control and remote monitoring.  IP camera support. Industrial IO-box, IP-Automation.  The interface automatically configures itself to your needs.

digitAll has developed a proprietory DRM/Encryption, Watermarking and CineLOCK (secure content path) system used in the distribution of eCinema feature content.  Like DCI (Hollywood feature films) distribution, the content is protected at all times.

TMS (Theatre Management System) functions are also incorporated with full POS (Point of Sale) integration and scheduling.  This incorporates automatic media management moving media around the complex as required. This including KDM keys to unlock protected content.

Seamless integration with DCI players making the move from “e” to “d” seamless resulting in less training.

Cloud based technologies let the system be administered locally or from remote locations over VPN (Virtual Private Networks)

Streaming of alternate content around a complex is a few button clicks away.  Be it satellite or digital terrestrial TV, any screen in your complex can have any channel displayed.  This is a full digital path archiving best possible result from alternate content sources.

Automation Screen ExplainedThe dCine product is designed to take the cinema operator to the next stage of cinema operations, taking advantage of “going digital”.

  • dCine X21 (black 3U box, optional touchscreen below)
  • dCine X20 (silver box, integrated touch screens)


  • TouchScreen
  • IO-Box (Contact closure messages into and out of the player)
  • BioBox Touchscreen Bracket


  • Easy to manage, intuitive interface
  • Web interface & remote management
  • Easy to program Playlist(s)
  • Edit video IN & OUT points, add cues etc.
  • Advanced programming (subroutines etc.)


  • 2K Playback (and lower resolutions)
  • 3D Playback
  • Mixing of formats and frame rates (PAL, NTSC, HD, etc)
  • Media Aspect Ratio Converter (ARC)
  • Advanced Video Scaler – Mpeg2, 80 Mbit (Original DCI spec)
  • Mpeg4, 80 Mbit
  • H264, 40 Mbit (4:4:4 and 4K coming in future release)
  • Adobe Flash (swf) for real-time generated graphics

Example Monitoring ScreenAudio

  • 5.1, Quad, Stereo, & Mono support
  • Auto Audio Matrix
  • Formats supported (MPA, AC3, AAC, PCM, etc.)
  • real time media audio controls (Adjust Centre, Sur, etc.)

Media Management

  • Direct ingestion (DVD, USB, or Harddrive)
  • HTTP upload
  • FTP upload
  • Sync To and Sync From
  • Site/Network Manager Controlled


  • Master and/or Slave
  • Projector control (Serial or IP)
  • Cue Trigger In & Out (Serial, IP, or Relay)
  • 24 Relay module (option)
  • Control lights, doors, curtains etc.

Warranty & Service

  • 30 day Money back guarantee
  • 12 month Warranty
  • Online & telephone support

For more information, please see the Documentation and FAQ section.

For informational and training videos please see the Support section and the video library.