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dcpPlayer V3 is a software based DCP (Digital Cinema Package) player for the Windows operating system. dcpPlayer is designed to allow viewing of a non-encrypted DCP’s without the need of a cinema with hardware based DCP player and projector.

DCP’s is standard created by DCI (Digital Cinema Initiative) for the distribution of Features, Trailers and Advertisements in a digital format that equals that of film. Up until dcpPlayer, you would need $100,000 in equipment and a cinema to simply view a DCP.

Key benefits

  • dcpPlayer saves time and money for cinema operators by allowing the projectionist staff to view DCP trailers and ads. No longer will you need to strike the lamp just to check a DCP. No longer do you need to come in extra early or stay extra large to avoid cinema operating hours. You can check a DCP before it goes to screen at any time. dcpPlayer pays for itself in weeks.
  • Content creators can now check the DCP before they are sent to the cinemas. No longer do they need to render to DCP and send it away hoping all went well. dcpPlayer is a fantastic quality assurance system saving you money by avoiding problems down the road.
  • Independent film makers can now produce DCP’s of their film and review it before they head down to the cinema. This ensures you know exactly what will be onscreen when you show your feature on the big screen for the first time.

Key Features

  • asdcplib version 1.12.58 support
  • Interop and SMPTE DCP support.
  • DCP’s made in the SMPTE format support all frame rates, (24,25,30,48,50,60,96,120)
  • run commercial Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) on almost any computer (Windows7, Windows8.1)
  • real time, full frame rate playback
  • real time XYZ to RGB color conversion
  • 3D support in standard and HFR frame rates
  • simple and easy to use
  • low price, for every cinema professional
  • Automatically adjust quality to suit the power of your computer
  • 3D playback on supported displays.
  • Support for  Interop DCP – Subtitles (Please test with Demo for compatibility with your DCPs)
  • 4K DCP support
  • 4K monitor (Not tested but should work)
  • Deep colour or better than 8-bit color support (On displays that show better then 8 bit color)

Demonstration Videos

Please have a look at dcpPlayer in action.  <<Follow this link>> (To Be updated) to videos demonstrating dcpPlayer and its capabilities.

dcpPlayer FAQ and Trouble Shooting

For minimum requirements and FAQ, please see this the <<FAQ Page>>. If you have problems installing dcpPlayer, please see the <<trouble shooting page>> (To be updated)

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