Error starting dcpPlayer. Errors on files named MMVR9.dll/MMVR10.dll ?

This problem is connected to the installation of the DirectX DLL’s that should occur when you install dcpPlayer.  For some reason, the DirectX install appears corrupted and it does not download the extra DirectX DLLs required.  A re-install of dcpPlyer does not fix this.  You must go to the Microsoft website and download and install the end-user installer for DirectX to rectify this problem.  Find this at the Microsoft website:

Audio Problems

A number of users have reported Audio not working with dcpPlayer.  We are unsure of the cause and have not been able to reproduce this problem.  We encourage users to download and install the DEMO version to check dcpPlayer will work on their system before purchase.  dcpPlayer can be effected by unusual codecs and other software that effects the windows media engine.

Running dcpPlayer, starts then disappears, or does not come up at all

A common issue that seems to occur on some systems is that DirectX can get corrupted or does not install correctly from the AUTO download-from-Microsoft feature built into the installer.  If you have problems running dcpPlayer, it is recommended that you uninstall dcpPlayer. Install DirectX from the Microsoft download found at

Reboot your system then re-install dcpPlayer.  This has been found to fix a number of problem installs.

dcpPlayer will not play audio with the picture

The most common cause of this is a misunderstanding of how a DCP comes together.  In a DCP directory, there are many files.  Among them are video and audio MXF files.  It is a common mistake to simply play the video MXF file resulting in video and no audio. The file you need to open to playback video and audio is called the CPL file (Composition playlist).  This file is an XML file that describes how the DCP plays the video, audio, and any other streams such as subtitles etc.  This file usually has “CPL” in its name some place and ends in a “.xml” extension.  (Note, we have seen some DCPs where cpl does not appear in the name. the only way to know if it is a cpl is to open the xml files and look at the xml data to determine if it is a CPL or PKL file)

Is version of Microsoft Windows are supported?

Version 7 and 8.1