dcpPlayer minimum requirements

The dcpPlayer software is designed to make it possible to view DCPs even on slower less capable machines.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Windows 7/8.1 (32 or 64 bit)
  • Intel Core2 Duo or equivalent AMD processor
  • 2 gig ram
  • SATA (Needs to sustain 250Mbit/s for Max DCP bitrate)
  • modern Nvidia or ATI graphics card.

Suggested hardware:

  • Windows 7 (64 bit) “Windows 8 is not supported”
  • Intel i7
  • 4gig RAM
  • SATA Hard drive (Needs to sustain 250Mbit/s for Max DCP bit-rate)
  • modern Nvidia or ATI graphics card.

Suggest hardware tested with DEMO:

It is highly advised that before you purchase dcpPlayer that you try out the demo version.  If audio and image work correctly, the full version will also work.

dcpPlayer can have problems working on different combinations of hardware and software due to incompatible combinations of hardware of other software that effects the media engine on the system.  Please be aware of this before you purchase.

How To Install

The dcpPlayer installer will attempt to download extra Microsoft DirectX DLL’s.  As such, YOU MUST BE ON THE INTERNET when you install the dcpPlayer software.  If not, some files may be missing and the dcpPlayer may not work correctly (For example, no sound, no image, you may get an error when starting).

dcpPlayer licensing system also requires that you are connected to the internet.  When entering your serial UUID the dcpPlayer needs to contact the internet license server to register your copy.


Can you play encrypted DCPs?

No, dcpPlayer is only designed to playback un-protected DCP/CPL/MXF-essences .

Will you support the playback of encrypted DCPs?

We plan to look at this in the future.

Are SMPTE DCP’s supported?

Starting from Version 2, yes dcpPlayer now support the playback of SMPTE formatted DCPs.  We also support HFR (high frame rate) file such as 25,30,60. (Also in 3D)

Can it playback 3D files?

Yes, 3D is supported.  Note: you need to set the dcpPlayer to display the 3D in a format suitable for your display.  The dcpPlayer can display 3D files an numerous 3D display formats such as SideBySide, OverUnder, Anagraphic, Odd/Even Lines, etc.  (Press the mouse menu button, right mouse button while over the video area, and look under the option “Stereoscopic 3D” for the different 3D display options)

Are subtites supported?

MPEG Interop DCP subtitle has limited support.  Subtitles will play, however, itelics and bold is not fully supported.  Support for SMPTE subtitles is under development.

How do I move the dcpPlayer to a different computer?

When you install the dcpPlayer and activate the license, the Emailed address used when purchasing the software will receive a message telling you of the license activation.  It will also contain information on how to de-activate the license.  Follow these instructions to deactivate the license. Once this is done, the UUID-serial number can be used to activate the license on another system. Any system running a de-activated license will eventually stop working.  You may only move the license a certain number of times in a certain period.

How does the Gamma conversion work.  What am I seeing on my PC screen?

In dcpPlayer XYZ to RGB conversion do :
1) Inverse gamma correction (2.6)
2) XYZ to RGB conversion (matrix product)
3) Gamma correction (2.4)

Here’s the pixel shader code used in dcpPlayer for DCI XYZ to sRGB conversion :

rgb = clamp(pow(rgb, g_gamma_in) * (52.37/48.0), 0.0, 1.0);
rgb = clamp(mul(g_XYZ_to_RGB, rgb), 0.0, 1.0);
rgb = pow(1.055 * rgb, 1.0/g_gamma_out) – 0.055;

Default values are :
g_gamma_in = 2.6
g_gamma_out = 2.4
g_XYZ_to_RGB =
3.1338561, -1.6168667, -0.4906146,
-0.9787684, 1.9161415, 0.0334540,
0.0719453, -0.2289914, 1.4052427

For 52.37 & 48.0 constants please check “DCI Digital Cinema System Specification v.1.2  Page 28” ( http://www.dcimovies.com/DCIDigitalCinemaSystemSpecv1_2.pdf) and ( http://articlethesis.com/web/normalization-factor-for-white-point/ ).

Reference for sRGB gamma correction can be found at ( http://www.sjbrown.co.uk/2004/05/14/gamma-correct-rendering/ ). Despite the fact we use 2.4 default value for sRGB gamma correction the formula we use apromximates a common “2.2” gamma corection.

Default values can be changed by user in Video Renderer’s Properties :


Is my graphics card supported?

dcpPlayer requires at least a DirectX 9.0 compliant GPU. Nvidia cards seem to more reliable and work as expected.  ATI cards have had some unexpected results.

Here is a list of (theoretically) supported ATI/AMD graphics cards:

  • Radeon 9700 core : 9500, 9550, 9600, 9700, 9800 – DirectX 9.0
  • Radeon X : X300, X550, X600, X700, X800, X850 – DirectX 9.0
  • Radeon X1000 : X1050, X1300, X1550, X1600, X16x0, X1800, X19x0 – DirectX 9.0c
  • Radeon HD2000 : HD2400, HD2600, HD2900 – DirectX 10
  • Radeon HD3000 : HD34x0, HD36x0, HD38x0(et X2) – DirectX 10.1, gravure en 55nm, PCI-Express 2.0
  • Radeon HD4000 : HD45x0, HD46x0, HD47x0, HD48x0(et X2), GDDR5, gravure 40nm pour la radeon 4770
  • Radeon HD5000 “Evergreen” – HD55x0, HD56x0, HD57x0, HD58x0, HD5970 – DirectX 11, gravure en 40nm par TSMC
  • Radeon HD6000 “Southern Islands” – DirectX 11 – Novembre 2010 – gravure en 40nm par GlobalFoundries
  • Radeon HD7000 “Northern Islands” – DirectX 11 – Sortie courant / fin 2011 – gravure en 28nm par GlobalFoundries

We always recommend you try the DEMO version on a target machine to test if it is completely compatible.

In general we have had better luck with Nvidia Cards.

Can I play DCPs over a NETWORK share? (Network caching support)

It is common to have a large library of DCPs living on a server.  Many users find dcpPlayer a great tool to be able to review files in this library.  However, to allow for playback to work properly, the network needs to support the bitrate required to play the DCP.  A 1 gigabyte connection to the server is required.  Plus you also need to make sure the server has the throughput (overhead available) to send you the DCP fast enough to play it.  To help with this, there is a hidden feature.  This feature makes dcpPlayer re-load a certain amount of data before it starts to play.  This allows network congestion and other issues that may cause playback problems to have less impact.

The feature is called “Buffered read on video MXF files”.

This may improve MXF reading over a network. The number of frames to buffer buffered is defined in
“HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Morgan Multimedia\dcpPlayer\Options\Nb Buffered Frames”
Default value=0. Recommended value=96 (0x00000060).